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Absolutely spot on, the food was fantastic. Crispy fries, perhaps not completely drained but still good. The kebab was filling, a satisfactory volume of mint yoghurt - very refreshing. Many thanks

Alice, 06 Jul 2020

Always delivered hot and food always nice not had a bad meal yet

Leanne, 01 Jul 2020

Poor service at first order. Mistake was made where the company did not send a link to pay. They just sat on it and did nothing. I rang and was not happy with the response and so cancelled the order. Mistakes I don’t mind, being lied to I find abhorrent. I cancelled the order. I was then telephoned and an apology given. I was advised that the order would be ready and at my home within 15 mins if I gave them a chance to put it right. True to word, the company redeemed themselves and the order was at the door within 15 mins with a further apology and free coke. The food was very palatable , the order was fulfilled.

Y Gregory, 29 Jun 2020

Please can you make my pizza barbecue based, steve , 65 Broadway

Chantelle, 27 Jun 2020

I love this takeaway but for the first time I was disappointed none of the salad or sauce requested on kebabs, everything else about the food perfect as always

Leanne, 17 Jun 2020

Amazing every time!!!

Courtney, 15 Jun 2020

Good food and service

Donna, 12 Jun 2020

Excellent food and service

Donna, 12 Jun 2020

Always great food! Thank you!

Paul, 12 Jun 2020

Great food great service

Lindsay, 05 Jun 2020

Says 10% off when order online but didn’t give me 10% off when it took me to payment!

Faye, 23 May 2020

  Reply : It’s 10% off on all orders above £20.

Always delicious food

Lesley, 23 May 2020


Caroline, 22 May 2020

Love this food

Grant, 13 May 2020

Ordered large donner kebab looked half of what a large should look like and poor communication chicken tikka is spicy not usually as spicy as it is feel disappointed in meals delivered

Angelina, 13 May 2020

Great food

Tasha, 08 May 2020

Lovely food as usual!

Caroline, 02 May 2020

Lovely food as usual!

Caroline, 02 May 2020

One of my kebabs was delivered wrong ordered lamb donor and got chicken tikka

Mick, 17 Apr 2020

Great website. Easy to use. Good selection of food and drink. Many thanks.

Kenneth, 15 Apr 2020

Very friendly easy to communicate with. Will use again! Thanks!

Bradley, 13 Apr 2020


Came within the hour, everything was perfect. Pizza was so delicious, especially the stuffed crust! Garlic bread that came with the meal deal wasn’t the best but other than that everything else was lovely :) would definitely order again.

Lucy, 13 Apr 2020

good price

Stacey, 11 Apr 2020


Jordan, 04 Apr 2020

Always excellent service

Julia, 25 Mar 2020

  Reply : ?????

How do I use my loyalty points? Thanks

Stephen, 22 Mar 2020

  Reply : You can only redeem them once you have reached a 1000 points.